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Parked at the Theater
Of all the script joints in all the towns in all the world, you walk into mine.

Hitchcock said that there are three secrets to making a good film, the script, the script and the script. He wasn't kidding. You simply can't make a good film without a good script. So what makes a good script good? This is the question we seek to answer, one screenplay at a time.

Yet, each dive is different. There is not one format that the dives follow. Some simply break down scripts into main events or sequences, while others delve deeper into character or evaluate theme, or escalations, or structure. The whole point of any and all of these is to explore screenplays.  


Script Dive was created by Ivo Raza, a writer and director with a (healthy?) screenwriting obsession. While writing new material Ivo found himself breaking down and analyzing dozens of screenplays, and one day realized... there's something valuable to be shared here...enter Script Dive. ​A place to dive into stories, and discover what worked and what didn't in various screenplays and films.

Ivo's latest film Reboot Camp (starring David Koechner, Chaz Bono, Ed Begley Jr., Lindsey Shaw) has won best comedy at several film festivals, including Austin Film Festival, Cinequest, and Garden State Film Festival. He has shot, directed, and produced shorts, features, commercials, branded content, and music videos. Many of which have played and won various domestic and International festivals. ​Several of his screenplays have placed as semi and finalists in screenwriting competitions. Ivo has studied creative writing at UC Riverside and UCLA. He is in development on his next feature and is working on a book about screenwriting. Check out Ivo's dive here

Hope you enjoy the script dives, and the information on this blog serves you in your screenwriting journey.  Good writings fellow scribes.

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