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Misty Field


Every writer's been there...banged out a draft and now it feels meh. Finished the twelfth rewrite and it still feels off. The proverbial forest has been obscured by trees and you need a fresh look to jolt you out of the rut. There's help.

After diving into hundreds of screenplays, and chatting with countless professional writers and filmmakers, it is apparent that there are only two rules in screenwriting: don't be boring, and don't be confusing. Other than that, anything goes...with one has to work. Good writing works on a fundamental level where all the nuts and bolts are hidden and allow the creativity to delight and surprise.

So, here's what you won't get...a checklist of requirements following some rigid structure touted by some book. Paradigms and pre-ordained beat sheets may be good learning tools, but they're not gospel and can be quite frustrating when you're trying to fit a unique story into a pre-set structure. It doesn't make sense to evaluate a personal drama through the lens of an epic adventure or a crime story...unless the personal drama is an epic adventure or a crime story. The permutations are endless, which is why each screenplay needs to be evaluated on the merits of the unique story being told.

Good writing stems from good re-writing, and for a screenplay to shine, unbiased professional feedback is an invaluable part of the process. 


So, here is what you will get...a review of your screenplay that will touch on the overall idea and premise, characters, structure, conflict, goals, questions, setups, escalations, payoffs, context, clarity, theme, descriptions, action, dialog.


Check out these dives...

SCRIPT DIVE - you'll receive several pages of detailed notes about the screenplay, touching on the elements mentioned above including suggestions for tweaks and improvements. 

DEEP DIVE  - you'll receive a page-by-page review of your script. It will address the elements with detailed page-by-page notes, and suggestions for tweaks, improvements and rewrite. 

ZOOM DIVE -  an optional follow up call to go over the notes.

Ready To Dive?

Email us about your script needs and we'll provide next steps and payment info. 

Thanks for submitting!

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